General assembly

2017 – August 3

Thursday August 3rd  2017, 16.30-17.00

Meeting venue:
NFS 2017 Nyborg Strand

  1. Opening of the meeting – Jon Hausken
  2. Election of chairman and secretary for the meeting
    Søren Ziebe was elected as chairman and Janicke B Brun was elected to be the secretary
  3. Election of two auditors
    Erling Ekerhovd and Karin Erb were elected
  4. NFS President report from the NFS board
    Jon Hausken started to thank all the Board members for their great contribution. Since Reykjavik the Board has conducted nine meetings, 6 telephone meetings and 3 physical meetings. 4 main topics; the NFS 2017 congress, education courses, NFS FB group and the new website, economy. A great thank you to the organizing committee lead by Kirsten Tryde Macklon. They have delivered all the way and made this congress memorable. The Board will present a new plan for the education courses. Antti will present this. We are happy that the new website and FB now seems to work. We hope that the members will contribute to make these platforms live and informative. The economy is decreasing due to more activities (mostly due to the education courses). We must continuous evaluate this and propose changes in member fee or reduce activities. The goal for NFS economy is to have enough money to cover the expenses for one congress.
  5. Presentation of the five national representatives (S, F, N, DK, Ic)
    Hans Ivar Hanevik NOFAB, Julius Rheinsson SSRM, Antti Perheentupa SFY, Elisabeth Carlsen DFS and Steinunn Thorsteinsdottir Iceland
  6. NFS economy 2015-2016 The treasurer’s report and budget – Astrid Helene Sydtveit
    Astrid presented the budget for 2015 – 2016. Economy slightly decreasing, but still a healthy balance.
  7. Discharge from liability to the board members and chairman for 2015-2016
    The GA 2017 accepted the work, economy and activities done by the Board in the period since last GA in Reykjavik 2015 and discharged the board from liability.
  8. Election of the new NFS president
    Jon Hausken was elected for a new period
  9. The Board presents the new plan for NFS education course and ESHRE certification
    Antti Introduced the new concept of continuous education for NFS members. One of the main objective of NFS is to provide high quality education for the NFS members. Beginning in Helsinki in November (9.-10.11.2017) the first third of the extensive ESHRE curriculum for both tracks will be covered. The other topics will be covered in 2018 and 2019. The content of the previous course in Copenhagen is already available in video form on the NFS homepage. All NFS members are welcomed irrespective of professional training and plan to participate in the ESHRE exam. Look forward to seeing many of you in Helsinki. The new education plan will be presented as a newsletter (NFS website)
  10. The Board suggests to change the By-laws; the next and previous Chairman of the NFS congress will become full voting member of the NFS Board
    The GA agreed and the changes will be done by the next GA 2019
  11. Arising matters
    The Board informed the GA about changes regarding the future NFS congresses. The next meeting in Gothenburg will be held late in August and will only be 2 days. Good discussion about this topic. The meetings are too expensive, the scientific program should focus more on Nordic matters, the frequency of the meetings and also the timing and length. The Board will note the incoming suggestions